A hero image from "I’m Your Man" project.

I’m Your Man

Hear the crowd roar. Smell the canvas. Feel every punch.

Enter the ring as both spectator and contender in this interactive boxing documentary.

Part game, part testament to Australia’s boxing greats, I’m Your Man is an interactive documentary that places audiences in the thick of the action. Narrative shifts perspective as you watch and play. Doing well and landing those punches? Hear about the glories of the win. Up against the ropes? You’ll hear about the internal doubts and fears of the boxer mentality.

A screenshot does no justice to how well SBS have included the website reader in the narrative... Contender for One Pager of the year.

The Project

At its core is the story of one up-and-comer, Billie Dib, pitted against the greats. Honest and open about the personal devastation he has faced, Dib reveals how this inspired him to return to the sport he loves.

Woven through Dib’s story, I’m Your Man explores the diverse history of some of Australia’s best-known boxing legends. At the conclusion of each fight, audiences return to The Gym. A hub for the stories of Australia’s boxing legends. Beautifully intricate artwork rendered by Timba Smits, then given the 3D treatment in Maya by Distil, launches users into six side-narratives, spanning Lionel Rose to Kostya Tszu.

I’m Your Man is totally unique. Using illustrations, interactive video, gesture-based interface and a 3D engine, this hybrid project allows the user to control and feel every punch.

Honoree - Best Use of Interactive Video
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What We Did

  • Production Creative Direction, Design, Motion Graphics, Web Development Project Management
  • Technology WebGL, GLSL, Canvas 2D, Javascript, Web Audio, HTML5 Video, Maya, Adobe Animate CC

Distil Immersive live and work on Gadigal land. We acknowledge and pay our respects to past, present and emerging Traditional Custodians and Elders of this Country and we recognise the continuation of cultural, spiritual and educational practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.