Our Work

A deep knowledge of next-generation digital, combined with a collective 30 years of experience in media production creates a playground for brands, museums, and cultural institutions to grow ideas, push boundaries, and redefine what is possible in the world of storytelling.


...that resonates

  • AI
  • Activations
  • Animation
  • Galleries
  • Games
  • Illustration
  • Installations
  • Museums
  • UX + Design
  • Web
  • WebGL
  • XR
  • SXSW × 4
  • Webbys × 16
  • Walkleys × 4
  • IDFA DocLab × 4
  • UN Media Peace Prize × 8
  • Awwwards × 11
  • FWA × 11
What we do

We’re building something different

Our studio is known for a forward-thinking method that places storytelling at the centre of our approach to design and technology. Not a regular design-and-web-dev shop, we straddle several worlds; across UX for publishers and editorial teams, innovation projects for cultural institutions, and more recently interactive experiences for brands.

We thrive where cutting-edge technologies bring our audience closer to the story, revealing something new with a portfolio that encompasses augmented reality, virtual reality, and machine learning in ways that are both engaging and meaningful. Our work is with some of the industry’s biggest names, from tech giants to cultural institutions to independent artists, from Google to the National Gallery of Australia.

Our expertise is internationally recognised, speaking at conferences around the world as thought leaders in the XR and immersive space, sharing our insights and inspiring others to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Our origin story

Hello, World!

We are John-Paul and Matt, the founders of Distil Immersive.

Ours is a story about friendship, shared passions, and a desire to create beautiful things. Our journey began more than 15 years ago when we met at the Australian public broadcaster, SBS. We were drawn to the intersection of storytelling, art, culture, and technology, and quickly realised that we shared a vision that extended far beyond our mutual interests.

We complemented each other in ways that few other partnerships could. Matt, a programmer and creative director with a unique talent for interpreting the world through design and code; JP, an executive producer and product manager with a passion for interactive storytelling.

Both of us, with a network of world-class creative partners, committed to building platforms and experiences for voices unheard.

John-Paul Marin

Co-founder and Director

With a career spanning 20 years, his interactive work embodies the worlds of documentary, art, narrative, design, and digital. Inspired by the rich potentiality of these mediums, he has produced immersive experiences that challenge conventional notions of storytelling in both virtual and physical spaces. Before launching Distil, John-Paul was a digital executive at SBS Television, having led the first national Digital Creative Lab dedicated to experimenting with new forms of storytelling. His work has been recognised by renowned institutions such as the Webby Awards, the Australian Museums and Galleries Association Awards, the SXSW Interactive Awards and the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism.

Matt Smith

Creative Technologist and Designer

For more than 15 years, Matt has focused on creating rich multimedia works with meaning and purpose, for the web, apps, and physical spaces. His work has taken him from community workshops in central Australia to game development in Tokyo. His projects have garnered recognition within Australia and internationally, exhibiting at the Biennale of Sydney and winning numerous awards including at SXSW Interactive and the Walkley Awards for Excellence in Journalism. With a formal education in design and a decade as a creative technologist uniquely embedded in content and editorial teams, he has become a much sought-after expert on conceiving and creating world-class interactive experiences.

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